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Bingo Patterns Refresher


Bingo is about circling off/checking off/rubbing out (however you want to do it), the numbers on your slip, in line with what the bingo caller shouts out, right? Then once you've got rid of all your numbers then you can stand up and shout “HOUSE”, so loud and proud that people would think you've just finished a fantastic speech.

Well, that last bit is true, BUT, you don't need to necessarily mark off ALL the numbers on your slip, depending on what game you're playing. There are actually a number of bingo patterns which can result in a win, or a house (perhaps even winning a house). Let's run through them to keep your mind fresh.

Pattern Crazy

Single Line

This is by far not the most interesting of patterns, but it's simple and it's effective. All you need to do is capture a line, up down or diagonally, on one of your bingo tickets.

Two Line

You see the last one... can you guess what this one involves? If you said two lines then you are spot on and you can have 10 virtual points to put in your virtual pocket.

Full House Pattern

These are where the big money prizes usually come in. This is where you manage the task of marking off every single number on your ticket. HOUSE! (no, not you Hugh Laurie).

Big X

This is a popular pattern and is used in many games. The idea is in the title, and that is, to mark off an X on your bingo card. This involves two opposing diagonal rows which intersect in the middle. Marvellous.

Four Corners

The beauty of the naming conventions used in Bingo means that most of the information you need is actually stored in the title, but if you need further guidance, this pattern simply involves poking your felt tip in each corner of the card.

Outside Edge

Imagine a square, that square is most likely made from a solid line all the way round the outside to form 4 equal sides. BINGO! That's exactly the same as this card pattern.

Any Four Numbers

You might have played this in holiday parks or amusement arcades. Other than that it's quite rare, but involves the first person to mark off four numbers! Quick fire at it's finest!

Top Middle and Bottom

Michael Barrymore is no where to be seen, because sadly we're not playing Strike it Lucky (or Strike it Rich depending on your series). But the premise is similar, because you have to obtain one row in the top, one in the middle and one in the bottom. Points mean prizes remember.

W Pattern

George W. Bush would be going crazy for this pattern. It's a W shape! Marvelous.

So, now we've refreshed your knowledge. Get out there and start playing!