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Are Women More Likely to Play Mobile Bingo?

Bingo Evolution

It's a question that has plagued the greatest minds for many a year. Not just whether women are more likely to play Online or Mobile Bingo, but who is more likely to play mobile bingo. This need isn't just driven by marketing either. It's not the bingo operators looking for their ideal customer so that they can create the games they think will most appeal to those people, it's about fundamental human psychology, and understanding why certain people fit into certain demographics. Why other people who are expected to fit into a certain demographic cross over and what makes a person love playing online bingo games. Ultimately we're all individuals and no individual is ever going to fit all the expected or stereotypical groupings for their age, gender, occupation, mindset, etc, etc. We all do what we enjoy. So the idea here is to find out which people are more likely to enjoy doing a certain activity. In this case, as we're Everything Bingo; it's mobile bingo!

So, who Plays Bingo?

There was a time, sometime between the 50s and 90s when bingo was seen as “dull”, following it's post war boom, where most of the country played it. The game was resigned to older men and ladies playing the game down their local bingo hall, often just a village hall, with a biscuit in one hand and bingo card in the other. It was seen as a social event to get people out of the house and mingling. For these people, the game was often seen as a life changer, allowing communities to gather and have fun rather than sitting separately in their own houses, watching the dreaded glowing box.


Bingo was considered gentle, easy to play, with plenty of opportunity for chat at a price which wasn't too busting on the pension. And to all extents and purposes, it was. Often it was older ladies playing every Tuesday night.


Fast forward a couple of decades, and bingo resembles more of what it did in the 60s, when it boomed onto UK shores. It's played all across the world, either in revamped bingo halls offering the latest digital technology to people in their homes on their laptops, and even people wandering the big city, whilst using their mobile phones to get a quick game in on the early morning commute. After all, there's nothing like a bit of early morning bingo to get the juices flowing on the way into the office. Especially if you win! The online and mobile experiences make it cheaper, faster and on demand. Jackpots can now be gigantic and the chances of winning are better than ever. Plus the social element is still retained, with online chat rooms welcoming players of all ages from all over the place. In fact, 85% of bingo players now play their games online, with ages spanning from 18 to over a 100! People who wouldn't normally be able to travel to their local hall, can also now join in the experience and have a ball (no pun intended!).


But is it Still Women?


With over 100 million bingo players worldwide, the game has definitely spread it's wings and opened the doors to new demographics. But recent studies show that approximately 80% of these players are still women, between the age of 30 and 50 years old. The other 20% are of course men, of roughly the same age. A lot of bingo players are also stay at home parents, so cleraly mum's on maternity leave grab the chance for a bit of a quick win whilst the baby is napping!


If you take a look at the chart below, it shows the breakdown of types of mobile game and which gender is more likely to play;


Mobile Gaming Genders


You'll notice that games like First Person shooters are still held firmly by the males, as well as poker, but social slots and Match three which are more “Bingo like” are firmly held by the female gender.


So there you go, you can either join the mould or break it. It's your choice. Either way, make sure you're having fun with your mobile gaming. You never know when you could win the big one!