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Eyes down – The story of Bingo

Circle Your Curiosity

Back in 2013 BBC Four ran a documentary on the story of bingo, telling a story of affection and fun which has been with us since the 60s. The documentary itself (there should be many more if you ask us) was a pretty thorough affair, wallowing in a barrage of archive footage showing post war Britain at it's finest. There was more bingo footage here than we ever thought imaginable. During the course of the documentary a number of facts were raised which are of interest;

Interesting Facts

  • In the 1960s, almost a quarter of our population played BINGO!

  • More people play bingo today than who watch professional football

  • It's currently going through a resurgence among people in their 20s

  • Television was partly to blame for us turning into a nation number circlers and shouting “HOUSE” callers. Mostly due to leisure centres closing down and being snapped up by the new bingo halls!

One thing we definitely did realise whilst watching this documentary, is that it's much, much more fun to play bingo than it is to watch people play bingo.

The documentary is narrated by Sarah Lancashire, who was a familiar face in Coronation Street and also Lark Rise to Candleford. The program was also directed by Rebecca Whyte who is also famous for producing The Home that 2 Built and Timeshift.

If you fancy taking a gander at this fascinating documentary you can catch it on Youtube. It's an hour long, so grab yourself a cup of tea (or something stronger) and get settled, you could even have a game of bingo whilst you watch.