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How To Play 75 Ball Bingo

The General Idea

This version of Bingo has 75 numbers, 1-75 and is also sometimes called "Pattern Bingo". It is played square boards or cards which have 5 rows of 5 numbers.

The idea is to mark off all the numbers in various patterns. Each game will usually have a different pattern (as in the picture on the left). The patterns usually have names like Cross, Stairs, Heart, Dog etc to help you identify.

As with most forms of Bingo you have to mark off your numbers (in the relevant pattern) before the other players to win the prize.

Jackpots and Bonuses

Many versions Bingo 75 exist with many patterns. Sometimes a jackpot is awared for getting the pattern in very few balls. Of course if the pattern requires a lot of number then the required number for the jackpot or bonus is changed accordingly.

Sometimes Bingo 75 will have a Full House game where all numbers are required and this will often award a bigger prize.